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News Updates

 Xpg Easy Updater V0.4(2.0.17349.0 Incl Dashlaunch V3.13)...

XPG Easy Updater v0.4(2.0.17349.0 Incl Dashlaunch v3.13) This is not a standalone GUI, it uses xebuild to patch and update your console. All the options available in this GUI can be done via command line, this was made to be very user friendly and easy to understand. Dashlaunch had to be downgraded to v3.13 as the newer 3.14 would not work at all. This will be updated as soon as a new version is available. (Pictures from last version, is exactly the same but updated)Visit Link...


Posted in Xbox 360 on Apr 30, 2015 --Xbox 360 Themes News Bot

 Ride Xbox 360 Save Editor - Xbox 360 Mod Tool

Ride is a motorcycle racing simulator, which offers gamers a full racing experience, with the choice of over 100 bikes from some of the world’s most popular motocycle manufacturers.A bike is of course no good without a track to race it on, and Ride has a plethora of varied circuits, from city, country, and historic tracks from the world of superbikes. Some races can of course be very challenging and even the most accomplished of riders will need a helping hand at times. XPGObyto has created an Xbox 360 mod tool for Ride,...


Posted in Xbox 360 on Apr 14, 2015 --Xbox 360 Themes News Bot

 Dragonball Xenoverse Xbox 360 Mod Tool V0.1

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse , also known as Dragon Ball XV , is the fifteenth Dragon Ball fighting game released on game consoles since Dimps' first Dragon Ball Z: Budokai game, and the first fighting game developed by Dimps to feature full 3D battles similar to the Budokai Tenkaichi video game series. It was originally known as Dragon Ball New Project , until the actual title was revealed on June 10, 2014 Team XPG has been hard at work to bring you the best mods for this game, Losparo has released a cheat trainer for Dr...


Posted in Xbox 360 on Feb 22, 2015 --Xbox 360 Themes News Bot

 Dragonball Xenoverse +5 X360 Cheat Trainer All Tu

Bardock and Broly join Dragon Ball Xenoverse's roster of characters! Get ready to save the Dragon Ball history and fight your way to the top, with the help of Team XPG and this amazing cheat trainer.Losparo has released this +5 cheat trainer which means it has five cheat options for you to enable on your modified Xbox.About Dragonball Xenoverse Cheat Trainer: File Name : [~TeamXPG~] Dragonball Xenoverse Trainer +5 All TUFile Submitter : losparo File Submitted : 21 Feb 2015File Category : XBOX 360 Trainers Title ID : 4E4...


Posted in Xbox 360 on Feb 22, 2015 --Xbox 360 Themes News Bot

 Spongebob Heropants Trainer +6 X360 Cheat Trainer

SpongeBob can be a real HeroPants thanks to Losparo's latest Xbox360 Cheat trainer for the game. This cheat trainer allows you to easily mod Health, money, time, patties and much more...About SpongeBob HeroPants: The game is set post 'The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water' movie, which is set to debut on February 6, 2015 in the United States, and March 27, 2015 in the United Kingdom. You play as SpongeBob in the game and quickly realize that your dreams are becoming reality, altering the very fabric of space and time.S...


Posted in Xbox 360 on Feb 4, 2015 --Xbox 360 Themes News Bot

 Wolfenstein The New Order Profile Editor X360 Mod Tool

Wolfenstein The new order (WTNO) is set in Europe, 1946. Its World War II and you are taking on the Nazi forces, but do not worry, you are not alone. XPGObyto is on your side nailing Nazis with this awesome Xbox 360 profile editor that will allow you to unlock all levels and unlock all extras with a simple click of a button.This mod tool will work on a retail Xbox 360 , no need for flashed drives or Jtag / RGH mods. Simply extract your profile using 360Revolution, mod what you want and away you go!About the mod tool: Fil...


Posted in Xbox 360 on Feb 1, 2015 --Xbox 360 Themes News Bot

 Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell X360 +8 Trainer

Trainer Dev Marcelo has created this Xbox 360 trainer for Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell for the community. This trainer has Eight cheat options which allow you to mod everything from Health to Ammo and Money.Below is the full list of cheats available in this cheat trainer.Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell Xbox 360 Cheat Trainer Options: 1- Infinite Health2- 1 Hit Kill3- Infinite Ammo4- No Reload5- Instant Level 206- Max Money7- Max Clusters8- Infinite WingsNotes: Cheats tested only at the beginning of the gameTitle ID: 4B4D0800M...


Posted in Xbox 360 on Jan 20, 2015 --Xbox 360 Themes News Bot

 Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell X360 Mod Tool

Check out this awesome Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell Xbox 360 Mod tool created by our very own XPGObyto. This mod tool allows modders of any level to mod Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell easily.Simply load a gamesave into this save editor and you can mod both your money and data clusters, making beating the game faster than a 'Gat Out Of Hell' (sorry).This mod tool can mod both online and offline modes and is really simple to use.Instructions: Download The mod toolCreate a gamesave on Saints Row: Gat Out Of HellMove Gamesave to...


Posted in Xbox 360 on Jan 18, 2015 --Xbox 360 Themes News Bot

 Xpg Easy Updater V0.3 R2(2.0.17150.0 Incl Dashlaunch V3.1...

Visit Link ============================================= ========================== XPG Easy Updater v0.3 r2(2.0.17150.0 Incl Dashlaunch v3.14) ======================================================================= This is not a standalone GUI, it uses xebuild to patch and update your console. All the options available in this GUI can be done via command line, this was made to be very user friendly and easy to understand.There are two versions included in this...


Posted in Xbox 360 on Jan 18, 2015 --Xbox 360 Themes News Bot

 New theme added: "Vector_Pink" for Freestyle


This theme was uploaded by jellyace14 on 12/24/2014.
To download or for further information, you may view this theme HERE
If you would like to discuss this theme, please head over to our FORUMS.

Posted in Site Updates on Dec 24, 2014 --jellyace14

 One Click Auto Updater - Jtag Rgh 17150 Incl Dashlaunch V...

If you are looking for an easy way to update to the latest Xbox 360 kernal version ( in this case 17150) easily , with just one click of a button, then this is a must have tool for you.Feral has created this 'Easy Updater' for Jtag and RGH consoles which has made updating to 2.0.17150.0 including Dashlaunch v3.14 even easier than ever, in fact its just a 2 step process now and you will be updated and ready to rock...The 2 step process couldn't be easier, all you need to do is simply run updsvr_standalone_v1 on your Jtag/R...


Posted in Xbox 360 on Dec 18, 2014 --Xbox 360 Themes News Bot

 New theme added: "Default - Wrapping list mod" for Aurora

Default - Wrapping list mod

This theme was uploaded by begallegal1 on 12/10/2014.
To download or for further information, you may view this theme HERE
If you would like to discuss this theme, please head over to our FORUMS.

Posted in Site Updates on Dec 10, 2014 --begallegal1

 Team-Xecuter's Forum Database Stolen

If you use same password on other forum sites change it asap

It seems a group is after the long-time Team-Xecuter site that been Rockin' the Xbox Scene since early 2000, and were able to finally 'steal' their database and are trying to un-hash their passwords!!

Team-Xecuter has been famous for over a decade in hacking into the original Xbox and Xbox 360, and hopefully in the near future the Xbox One, but it seems someone decided to turn the tables on them and hack TX's big official support forum.

Here is official statement from TX regarding what happen:

We recently moved to a new server and stupidly left our backend open for an easy attack which has now been fixed.

Luckily the guys who gained access left their muddy prints all over the place so it was easy to clean up. What we did find out was more interesting. Who did it, why they did it.

If you want a quality hack, use someone who isn't going to leave their signature all over the place and take 5 minutes to find out who they are and have half their team rat out the other half. In short - don't hire these guys for the job: Visit Link Visit Link

For the last 12 years our community of 282,000+ members have always had the security of knowing that we have never used their information for any purpose other than to be part of the Xecuter community. You will now be pleased to hear these group of hackers tried to steal the accounts to various high level staff and admin of the se7ensins community, who are also part of the Xecuter community, so they came in to grab our entire database. Hackers have been trying to do this for years and this weekend succeeded due to a stupid failure on our part to button up a few holes in our backed after we moved to a new server, making it easier for lesser skilled individuals.

If you have an account with us you can now assume that your email and password is now in their possession. We highly recommend you change your password here on the Xecuter forums and if you use the password anywhere else that you change it too - there is a maximum probability that it is now, or will be in the very near future compromised. No passwords are stored in clear text of course, they are all hashed but we are very skilled in this area and know there are ways around this so we can only assume they know the same tricks that we do so it is only a matter of time. These guys attempted to install a crappy keylogger too, it didn't work of course, it was a mess so no worries there.

We're not sure who to reach out to at se7ensins but i'm sure this will no doubt reach their ears in good time.

We are reporting this news since alot of Xbox and Xbox 360'ers use our forum site, and just might have similar passwords out there, and as warning to other website admins that run similar 'scene' sites keep an eye out for this horrible group of messy bad hackers.

Official Site: Xecuter Forum Database Stolen (Visit Link )


Posted in Xbox 360 on Dec 7, 2014 --Xbox 360 Themes News Bot

 Xbox One beats PS4 on Black Friday

Bundles and Xbox Dominate the Console War

The XBOne dominated Black Friday sales, according to market-research firm InfoScout. MicrosoftÂ’s latest system made up 53 percent of all console sales on one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

It most likely will be a few weeks before we get official sales tracking info on what console did the most sales over the American Thanksgiving long weekend, famously called Black Friday / Cyber Monday, but one market research firm is claiming the Microsoft Xbox One came out as the King of Hill for holiday sales so far.

The Xbox One was on sale for $330 at a number of big stores like Target and Walmart, and Microsoft bundled it with big games like Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Unity. That helped gamers choose the Xbox One over the PlayStation 4, which was $400 bundled with Bungie's sci-fi shooter Destiny or with the rereleases of Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us.andnbsp;

They claim XB1 got 53% of the Black Friday sales, compare to 31% for Sony's PS4, and leaving 16% to other consoles.

As shown in the picture above from InfoScout, the poor Nintendo Wii U come in losing Fourth place below Microsoft's older Xbox 360.

News-Source: Xbox One beats PS4 on Black Friday (via) MaxConsole (Visit Link )


Posted in Xbox 360 on Nov 30, 2014 --Xbox 360 Themes News Bot

 RGH2 (phat) firmware for X360ACE released

Nice update for RGH'ing the Phat Xbox360's consoles by 15432

15432 over at has released custom firmwares in XSVF format for X360ACE v1/v2 to support RGH2 in fat Xbox 360 consoles. The firmware files can be flashed via JTAG interface.

ModRobert over at EurAsia is reporting that 15432 has released a nice update for the X360ACE glitch'ing chips that are very affordable let via stable, so now with this custom firmware you be able to easy RGH your Phat Xbox 360 console.

Here is the translated tutorial from HackFAQ posted by 15432 in Russian:

For about a month I have been working on the launch of the chip RGH2 x360ace. Finally, everything is ready for release!

For fun, try to arrange an article in the form of FAQ

Q: Why now? RGH2 on veils was for a long time!
A: Cheap and powerful chips x360ace appeared relatively recently. Besides, I was impressed this video (Visit Link ) Indicating that stable RGH2 on fatkah possible.

Q: The video and so x360ace, why do something different?
A: Unfortunately, the author has not posted any code or xsvf files. I had to do everything myself

Q: How quickly start?
A: In my console - in the region of 4 cycles. But I did not even try to optimize starts by moving the wires and other magic. I'm sure you can do better.

Q: Faster than CR4?
A: No, not faster. Using ECC CR4 images can be reduced to the time of one cycle, but stability at start up CR4.

Q: What console are supported?
A: Judging by the reviews on Falcon and Jasper works. When will I Zephyr and Xenon - and for them to do

Q: Where can I download ??
A: Set the firmware available here (Visit Link ) Source code posted on GitHub (Visit Link )

Q: The most important question. How to install?
A: For starters, you need to find x360ace v1 or v2:

You can buy them on the ebay or aliexpress. With a price of $ 2 - $ 10 apiece, a fake bump difficult because almost nobody forges.

Then find what they ask. XSVF files are supported by programmers as Super NAND Flasher, NAND-X and JR-Programmer
If zamorochitsya separately, can be written through Squirt 360 flasher and even after MTX SPI Flasher. But still recommend something from above.
Contact us to write firmware are on the opposite side of the chip:

Next you need to solder them to the console. Points marked similarly TX Coolrunner, problems should arise. Use your favorite laying wires, then I will tell you how to find the appropriate firmware file.
The only thing that requires change is the chip power. Need to unsolder and solder the diode at that point postings with 1.8V:

1.8V to take from here:

So. Now the most interesting - how to choose the firmware.
important note. if the chip is already soldered to the console before the firmware you want to paste the power to Xbox!

Firmware files are named according to the principle l x _s y, where x - pulse length, y - the start point.

Diode chip flashes to the beat of the bus post_out, it will help to choose the right firmware without logic analyzer.

Most importantly - find the pulse length is the main problem RGH2. It's simple, but the sign for more info:

-- write l6_s5.xsvf, look at the behavior of the LED. -- most likely for one cycle you will see a lot of small pulses and one of Authenticity (andquot;longandquot; cycle). This means that the pulse length is too small. -- take the firmware with more length, for example l7_s5.xsvf, again, look at the diode. -- continue to increase the length, until there are only cycles of short pulses blinking (andquot;shortandquot; cycle). -- Finally, you need to choose a length, when there are andquot;shortandquot; and andquot;longandquot; cycles interspersed. -- If not, then select the minimum length of a short cycle.

Once decided on the length, select the time of discharge, it is easier - to sort out all 4 options.

In general, I have triggered flash l7_s6 and l7_s7. Startups are not perfect, sometimes up to 15 cycles comes, but I'm not trying to change the styling.

Who are interested, here's a video, shot in the dark 7 on the video starts, 1, 1, 1, 1, 8, 1, 2, 2, 11
We'll see both long and short flashes when trying to start, but nothing more to be seen)andnbsp;

For more info please see the original source (Visit Link (Visit Link )) and for the needed files, check out the news links below. -- Enjoy!

News-Source: RGH2 (phat) firmware for X360ACE released (via) EurAsia (Visit Link )


Posted in Xbox 360 on Nov 27, 2014 --Xbox 360 Themes News Bot