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Default - Wrapping list mod
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Default - Wrapping list mod
Default - Wrapping list mod
Supported Software Version: 0.4b
last updated: 12/10/2014
version 1

[Image: default-wrappinglistmod_thumb.jpg]

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Hello Spiffy, here is a little thing I do to all my xui file lists.  
This modification simply allows a list to wrap from top to bottom, and bottom to top.
 I find it handy especially if you have large lists of files on your consoles drives and always find yourself scrolling forever for your "X" file  :yes
Here is a screenshot of how it's done on any xui list so anyone making skins can add this to their work if they find it handy as well  Icon_wink
[Image: 8yddnp.png]
For example the path to find the list is as follows in  "Aurora_FileManager.xur"
FileManger\FileManagerTabScene\Tab1(or Tab2)\ContentContainer\FileList
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